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Why I decided to become self employed

In 2013 I found myself once again on Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) after being made redundant for the third time from working in various roles within the customer service sector.

One day the mail was delivered through the letterbox as per usual, but this time a magazine from Croydon Council was in there. I don’t normally look but this time I did and read a few pages. There was an article about working for yourself, so I was intrigued to find out more.

I contacted my advisor to find out if I could be put forward for the course. At the time I didn’t know what I was looking to get involved with but I had an Ebay account which I buy from and used that as a starting point.

I walked into the first session introducing myself to the group and pitched an idea of starting an Ebay shop as it’s all I had to work with. It was a 3 month course called NEA (National Enterprise Allowance) and they taught us many different aspects of a business including writing a business plan.

The end of the course arrived and I had to pitch a 5 minute presentation in front of a special advisor who assessed our information to see if the business was viable.

AT THE STORE UK was formed and I signed off JSA on 5/2/14.

Below was my 1st business card. The idea was to sell items for 3rd parties for a commission on top of selling for myself.

The 2nd business card came shortly after to look more professional.

AT THE STORE UK was short lived as it was hard to survive on a limited amount of stock and went for a name change.

Sticking to a similar theme and having visited some car boot sales I decided on having a go at a “Rubbish Clearance” service. Again, based on another whim I went all out and used some of the loan money from the enterprise allowance and decided on purchasing a van.

Van insurance was excruciating, overheads starting to mount I was getting myself into deep water here but knowing I was officially on my own I pushed on.

Dash The Trash Clearance Services was born.

I started researching domain names and found (current) and went to look for .com, totally gutted when I realised someone in America had the domain, grrr. I virtually followed the progress of the domain for a couple years and for some unknown reason the owner ended their agreement. I jumped on it and now have both 🙂

Coming from a Jamaican background the word “dash” means to throw something away & “trash” is an American terminology for “rubbish”

Now in 2018 I continue to build and expand and have incorporated a House Moving & Property Clearance service to the mix, as well as the initial Ebay store.

It has definitely been a journey, but I’ve loved every minute thus far. I’ve met great friends and connections, joined business networking groups. Looking forward to the next 4+ years.

Here is what our current business card looks like.